Péťa and her partner Lukáš have great news.
They’ve become parents of a lovely babyboy.
Congratulations to both of them!


How do you manage to work, paint, build a house, have a baby on the way and still be full of energy? Where do you draw it?

„I’m actually used to multitasking. When it comes to painting it’s easy, I can’t paint due to the chemicals that are contained in the oil-paint. Managing pregnancy, working, building our house, went relatively simply until being in the sixth month of pregnancy. I was presenting to the girls in Berlin how to pitch, it was a classical workshop even when I was six months pregnant.

The problem arose after the thirty-fourth week, when my legs bloated. But the worst thing was that your brain stops functioning properly. Nature’s most complicated invention, your brain, simply shuts off. Your body is filled with hormones and all your logic evaporates and so you feel like going due to all the biological processes that are taking place in your body. That’s awful!“

What is the crucial idea of WFund?

„We established WFund as a venture capital fund with the idea of focusing on women with ambitions to build a business. All statistics clearly showed that „a female led startup“ is much more stable. When a woman does something, she does not cease until it starts to make sense, while men tend to try new and new things endlessly until it works. Thus it reduces the painful time of failure.

However, at present we have expanded our activities, and established WFund Academy which is a nonprofit project aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs, „Building female entrepreneurship in Europe“ is a free educational program. When you sign up to the Academy, you will receive short and simple videos and with this help, you will start creating your business plan, your pitch and receive investments from WFund in no time.“

What are the main areas WFund wants to focus on?

„One of our main goals is to defeat gender stereotypes. This means, that we work on ensuring that women receive the same recognition and respect as men in similar positions, as well as making sure that a woman entrepreneur is not perceived as a “bitchy person” in her private life.“